AV world in your DNA

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It’s never easy starting a new job, there’s always the trepidation of what the office is going to think of the ‘new girl’, what are you going to bring to the table, why are you here?

I started in the AV World in March 2011, taken on by a leading distribution company and employed to work with a great team. My job was to speak to accounts and send out up to date brochures with the new company branding. I was quickly taken on by Phillips as their funded head promoting the Demo lorry that they recently purchased and kitted out with Touchscreens and Videowalls. One of my very first customers was D&A Media, (I liked the fact they were local to where I grew up as a kid), it was that familiar feeling I got when I was talking to Mike and Chris it felt like I’d known them years.  Occasionally when a last-minute demo was needed, I made my mum drop the demo kit into Mike as they were in the same area and saved courier charges for the distribution company. As I progressed, D&A Media came along with me supporting me in my new roles from Samsung Large format Specialist to an Account Manager.

I left Distribution and headed out to Reseller land to get more experience in the world of AV, how it really works out there and get a feel for what is needed to grow a successful business. This gave me the opportunity to work with industry renowned Stuart Hillis at Bees Buzz PR, who worked with me on press releases and articles for many of the AV magazines at the time, picking up valuable snippets of information along the way. On one Friday breakfast meeting I asked for his help on proofing an article for the Southend Gazette on the retirement of my dad. Whereby Stuart choked on his coffee and proceeded to explain his career started with creating pages of adverts for my dad’s business. Small world. It’s moments like this you really do see how small the world is (considering neither Stuart or I were in or near Essex and live in 2 completely different parts of the country).

The time came for me to grow my knowledge further and I moved over in to a Manufacture role working with Optoma on their LED offering.  I reached out to Mike, Chris and the team to introduce the products to them and found that we picked up just where we had left off some 3 years earlier. It seemed that my enjoyment of the industry really did sit well with resellers working with end-users and making sure they have a fit for purpose solution, so I headed back to reseller land and joined the team at D&A Media.

My first week, was great.  They understand family values, Summer isn’t the best time to start a new job especially with children on holiday, I am sure you will all agree that having to balance the work, home, holidays, grandparents, friends and of course summer camps! Mike and Shannon got it straight away.  Work life balance was key to a happy work force, so for me that means 3-day weeks for the summer! It’s been a strange start. Having never visited D&A Media’s offices, and only ever sending my mother in for drop offs and pickups of demo stock. The first day was weird, I had travelled the A12 for the best part of 30 years as a child, and this journey felt like ‘just another day at the office’, walked in Mike greeted me with a massive ‘you made it then!’ And the team welcomed me from the moment I started. I went home to the family at the end of the first week and told them all about the first week back ‘home’. I described how warm and welcoming they were, how the company culture is all about customer service, great experiences, getting it right – first time! The right product for the job not the square peg round a hole that we all talk about; they actually mean it. The company strap line being it’s in our DNA, is so true when my dad proceeded to tell me in the 60’s his first business for 10 years was the building I was now working in and that ‘it’s probably in your DNA Perdee!’ –  I wonder how true that really is…

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