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We know just how hard it can be to run a business. So many overheads all tying up cash flow make it seem impossible to even dream of upgrading your tech.

However, with D&A Media’s competitive and convenient monthly leasing agreements, you can acquire the right technology your business needs now, not just what this quarter’s budget allows for.

Leasing is a great way of assisting with effective future budgeting by providing a fixed payment schedule, allowing you to remove the budget pressure of purchasing new needed solutions and being able to plan for the future instead of watching the pennies.

There are varying payment plan lengths available so no matter your solution and your business size, D&A can help.

Leasing is not expensive!

Despite what many people think, leasing is not expensive. This is why even ‘cash rich’ companies choose to lease their new equipment. Leasing offers a fixed payment plan which means that your payments will not be subject to changes in the financial market in the same way that many bank services are. This enables you to plan your finances for the future much more effectively.

Tax Benefits!

Did you know that finance lease rentals are 100% allowable against pre-tax profits? The total cost of your purchase, capital and interest can be offset for the duration of your lease period with your payments classifying as a trading expense and therefore deductible.


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