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After an initial consultation and assessment of your needs, we can arrange for on-site demonstrations with either our experienced engineers or product specialists.

Our dedicated team will deliver and set-up the solution we have discussed and agreed will best suit your needs, so you can get a feel for how this would work within your business. We know how important it is to see our solutions working in the day to day running of your business as well, so we also offer options for extended trial periods, leaving the technology with you for an agreed amount of time rather than just a one-off demonstration.

Our experienced team will keep in touch with you during your trial to make sure you are getting the best use out of your potential solutions, and make sure that you are confident in using all functions available.  

"I have Lifesize Cloud by D&A Media - I received great service, and support with installation, and it's so easy to use - highly recommend these guys".
Caroline Thomas
"Absolutely fantastic service. I can not recommend these guys enough."
Rashid Raja
"I mainly dealt with Michael and like him all members of the team I dealt with were friendly informative and efficient, answering any query readily. Fees were explained in easy terms and were competitive with no hidden extras. I would use them again."
Karen Rodgers
"We were helped every step of the way with what we 'thought' we needed and what we actually needed. Fantastic service and the products are second to none".
Alan Winstanly
"I have to say I was very impressed with the manner in which the team at D&A handled my requirements. The outcome was perfect".
Lesley Quoarter
"I would not hesitate to recommend the company. They dealt with our concerns in a timely and professional manner keeping us informed of the progress at each stage of our difficult project."
Nathan Pattisson


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