Digital Signage
Increase your brand awareness, engagement, communication and sales with one of our digital signage solutions. ​

Increase Revenue

Reduce Costs

Improve Customer Engagement

Easy to Manage

Environmentally Friendly

Improve Customer Service

Promote your brand and engage like never before...

You can increase your brand awareness, engagement, communication and sales with one of our digital signage solutions.

There are several ways in which digital signage can be used:

  • Internal or external advertising tool that will capture the attention of passing traffic;
  • To display key messages quickly and effectively;
  • In an interactive way such as a finding tool to ensure everybody can find where they need to be easily and efficiently.

We proudly supply digital signage solutions to SMEs and large businesses across the UK and beyond.

Different functionalities are available to you through digital signage. This includes attractive touch screen visual displays that can highlight routes and areas of interest, mobile phone integration using QR codes, step-by-step directions, printable walking directions and 3D mapping.

Our specialists at D&A Media can source, supply, install, design and maintain digital signage to meet your requirements. All our digital signage solutions are tailored to you exact specifications in order to meet your own personal needs. Each installation is backed up with on-going support by our highly experienced, manufacturer accredited and trained technicians.


• Bright, vibrant imagery gets your message seen by more people.

• The use of audio, video and interactive touch displays promotes higher engagement levels.

• Effortlessly display unlimited signs from one unit, free from the restrictions of older non-digital options.

• Quickly update sign content with minimal delay –  whether it’s one sign or many locations at once.

• Display different content based on the time of day or day of the week for more relevant displays.

Digital Signage for the Digital Age

Digital signage has revolutionised the way in which messages and advertisements are displayed. Digital signage offers a standout solution that suit many business’ needs through vibrant and dynamic media (videos, audio etc).

In Action: Digital Signage

Brand Opus - D&A Media

Watch the video to see how Brand Opus used video conferencing solutions from D&A Media to bring their designers, account managers and clients in offices around the world together.  

"I have Lifesize Cloud by D&A Media - I received great service, and support with installation, and it's so easy to use - highly recommend these guys".
Caroline Thomas
"Absolutely fantastic service. I can not recommend these guys enough."
Rashid Raja
"I mainly dealt with Micheal and like him all members of the team I dealt with were friendly informative and efficient, answering any query readily. Fees were explained in easy terms and were competitive with no hidden extras. I would use them again."
Karen Rodgers
"We were helped every step of the way with what we 'thought' we needed and what we actually needed. Fantastic service and the products are second to none".
Alan Winstanly
"I have to say I was very impressed with the manner in which the team at D&A handled my requirements. The outcome was perfect".
Lesley Quoarter
"I would not hesitate to recommend the company. They dealt with our concerns in a timely and professional manner keeping us informed of the progress at each stage of our difficult project."
Nathan Pattisson


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